Apr 20, 2015 - Jun 20, 2015

FirstGlance Spring 2015 Online Short Film Contest

The contest has ended

FirstGlance Spring 2015 Online Short Film Contest Short Online Contest Rules

Winning filmmaker will receive over $2500 in prizes awarded by

FirstGlance Film Fests and will premiere at FirstGlance Film Fest in Philadelphia in the Fall 2015.

Cash Prize is a progressive pot; it will be updated in real time during the

online contest. The final amount will be awarded to the winning

filmmaker by PAYPAL or Business Check within 2 to 4 weeks after

contest ends.

Viewer Information:

To be part of the Short Online Contest, you must purchase a ticket for

$2.00 USD via PAYPAL or Credit Card (this is a one time fee) and 50% of

your fee goes into the winning filmmakers Grand Prize winnings!

Once you enter the online theater you can watch all films everyday! You

will have access to the contest for the entire run 24/7. You can watch

and vote for as many films as you’d like and return every 24 hours to

watch and vote again.

Enjoy your stay and have fun supporting indie film and our brand new

online concept.

We know you’ll love it!

Viewer Rules:

You must be registered for the contest to view the films and vote.

You can watch and vote on any and all films, everyday.

One vote per day per film.

You must wait 24 hours before re-watching for your vote to count.

You cannot vote until the short you are watching ends.

Your vote will be tabulated by itsashort.com and will not be public.


The filmmakers and registered users of the FirstGlance Short Online Contest shall

release, discharge, indemnify and hold harmless FirstGlance Films, Itsahost.com,

and its agents, respective officers, directors, employees, representatives,

contractors, partners, sponsors, and volunteers from and against any and all claims,

liabilities, losses, damages, costs and expenses (including, without limitations,

attorneys' fees). You agree to be bound by these guidelines and the decisions of the

judges, which are final and binding in all respects and to waive any right to claim

ambiguity in the contest or the rules. The Filmmaker and Viewer agree to all

competition rules and guidelines. Itsashort may disqualify any registered user, if it

finds online cheating, phishing, flaming or abuse of the platform and may block the

ISP address from accessing the platform, under its discretion.