Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival and The International Nollywood Film Festival (TINFF, now planning their 4th festival) are jointly hosting an online contest for short film submission. The theme of this event is Relationships. Please submit your short film that has been completed and meets the technical submission requirements of this contest. What do we mean by relationships as our theme, you ask, well any kind of relationship with other people, animal friends, human friends, inanimate friends, imaginary friends and other worldly get it. TINFF will recognize winners in three categories: best Canadian short film on relationships, best Nollywood short film on relationships and best international short film on relationships. In addition to a financial award, there will be a screening of each winning short film and an award will be presented at the TINFF awards gala at the York Cinema, 115 York Blvd, Richmond Hill ON L4B 3B4. Film submissions are initially accepted through the FilmFreeway portal.

The contest has ended.