FAQs for itsashort.com

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Registration for Filmmakers:

Filmmakers must complete the form, you can’t register using Facebook.

  • Complete the registration form;
  • As a filmmaker, check the media artists box;
  • Use the code included in your invitation;
  • Agree to Terms and Conditions;
  • Click Register!

Why is there a promo code?

We use promo codes to help us track how you, the subscriber, have found itsashort.com. Promo codes can be found on certain premiere announcements or accompany specific invitations to artists.

Should I check media artists?

Check media artist if you are a filmmaker or someone who makes video or web series.

If I register, do I have to pay?

Your first month is free. You will be able to watch every short film, video and web series episode the first month, one time, which are the terms of subscription. If you choose to watch a short film, video or web series episode more than once in the month, you will be charged a rental fee of $1.49. Once you pay the rental fee, you can watch that one short film, video or web series episode as often as you like in that month.

Premiere Tickets

Itsashort.com frequently offers premiere events to fans and subscribers. If you want to participate, these are ticketed events and not included in the subscription. Each premiere event is $2. If you are a subscriber, it will be an additional cost. If you are not a subscriber, your ticket will include a month subscription and you will be registered as a subscriber. The revenue from these events is split between the sponsoring organization and itsashort.com.

How to Get Tickets For Contest

To participate in the contest, you must buy a ticket. Tickets are $2 and the purchase is a 30 day pass for the contest. Once you have your ticket you can watch each film everyday for 30 days. You vote after you watch the entire film. The ‘Vote’ box will appear at the end of the film.

To Get Tickets:

If you are new to the site:

  • Click contest;
  • See Welcome to Contests and a button that says ‘contests’;
  • Click contests button, see a drop down menu;
  • Choose your contest;
  • Click Register;
  • Complete the registration, once registered go back to contest page;

Once registered or already registered:

  • Click Get Ticket button;
  • Follow instructions for ticket purchase;
  • Return to Contest page and start watching the films!

Voting in Contests

Voting is easy for contests:

  • Get your ticket for the contest;
  • Choose a film, any film;
  • Watch the entire film;
  • At the very end, the ‘vote’ box will appear;
  • Check vote.

That’s it!! You have to watch the entire film, you can’t skip to the end, the vote may not count. Your ticket allows you to vote everyday for each film you watch. You can only vote once per film, per day. You can watch as many of the films in the contest as you like everyday. You can vote for each film you watch, each day that you watch that film.

Important to vote daily, the film with the most votes at the end of the contest will win huge cash award and will premiere at the FirstGlance Film Festival in Philadelphia.

Filmmaker Upload for Contests

Only filmmakers invited to participate in the contest can upload.

To participate in a contest as a filmmaker do the following:

  • Click the 'Contest' button on the homepage;
  • On the Contest page click the ‘Contest’ button and choose your contest;
  • If you have not registered yet:
    • On that contest page click the ‘Register’ button;
    • Complete the Registration;
    • Answer yes to the question: Are you a media artist?

  • On the contest page click the ‘Participate’ button;
  • Enter your invitation promo code;
  • After return to your contest page click ‘Upload a short’;
  • Follow instructions for Upload;
  • Compete the Registration.


Video Upload

How do you upload a video?

Answer: Click either the word Upload or click the ‘menu’ button that is represented by three short lines to the left of your name.

Does it matter if it is a video or a short film?

Answer: Yes it does! You will have 3 choices, film, video and web series. If you are uploading a short film, you will be directed to upload a trailer and a film. If you are uploading a video, check video and you will be asked to just upload a video. Our system will automatically generate a 15 second trailer, if you are uploading a web series, click web series and you will be asked to upload a trailer and the episodes of your series. You can change the order of episodes after you upload.

Is there a difference if you upload a video or a short film?

Answer: Yes, if you upload video, you will be asked to upload the video, no trailer. If you upload a film, you will be required to upload a trailer and a film.

How do you upload:

Click the upload button and follow the prompts.

What happens after you upload the file?

After you upload a file, click next. The video will begin the encoding process, depending on the size of your file; this could take up to 15 minutes. Once complete, you will get a prompt letting you know the encoding is complete. Then, go to your ‘account’, click video, click the ‘live’ button next to the video you uploaded. You will not be able to see your video if you do not make it live.

How do I make my video live?

Answer: Go to your name at the upper right hand corner of the screen. Click on your name and see the drop down menu. Click on ‘my account’, in your account click on ‘video’ then click on the button ‘live’. Your video will then be available to all subscribers.

I can’t see my video, where is it?

Check two things: Did you make your video ‘live’ and if not, did you upload a film but checked video, or did you upload a video but check film. If either of these scenarios are true, please delete what you have uploaded, and start over. If you are uploading a video make sure you have checked video, if you are uploading a film, make sure you checked film.


Can I pay my subscription monthly?

The subscription entitles you to watch every film, video or web episode one time per month at no additional cost. The subscription is $2/month or $20 for the entire year. The first month of the subscription is free. You will have a chance to pay for your subscription 15 days after the beginning of your free trial. We only accept payment via Paypal.

What is Rental?

Rental options occur when you want to see the film, video or web episode more than once in the month. You rent the film, video or web episode for a rental fee of $1.49. $1 of the rental fee is immediately paid to the artists. $.49 is paid to itsashort.com and a portion is deposited into an annual fund for the artists, which is distributed at year-end. The rental entitles you to watch that particular film, video or web episode as often as you wish in that month. If you want to see that same film, video or web episode the next month or in a month in the future, the first time is no cost, the second will require another rental fee.

  • If you are registered, go to My Account by clicking on your name;
  • In My Account, click on billing;
  • Select whether you will pay monthly or annually;
  • Click Payment, you will then be directed to Paypal;
  • If you have a Paypal account, sign in with the email you use for Paypal;
  • If you do not have a Paypal account, use a credit card;
  • When you use the credit card, you will be directed to complete the Paypal form;
  • By completing the form, you will create a Paypal account and the credit card will be attached.

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