Collected Voices Film Festival 2020

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( ( ( ( ( /*\ ) ) ) ) )
A sonic portrait of a Chiapan village focused on architecture and public space. Filmed over six years, ( ( ( ( ( /*\ ) ) ) ) ) is a sensory ethnography of culture and communication in a community founded by volcano eruption refugees. "In 1982, the eruption of a volcano called Chichonal forced the Zoque community to relocate. Filmed over the course of six years, (((((/*\))))) captures the unique atmosphere of the Indigenous group’s Chiapas village. This ethnographic excursion is a feast for the eyes and an auditory journey paced by quaint music and advertisements blaring from shops and roving trucks. Gradually, political themes come to the surface. Through a portrait of this world, Charles Fairbanks and Saul Kak (a Zoque artist and activist) explore the cultural richness of minority communities and neoliberal pressure on Indigenous peoples and their lands, with clear parallels to the painful condition of refugees everywhere." - RIDM (Rencontres Internationales du Documentaire de Montréal)