Collected Voices Film Festival 2020

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Humans@Work | Portrait of a Restauranteur
Omar Solis has always known that when changing the world seems too daunting of a task, you can start with your own street corner. Now he owns and operates three restaurants on the very block where he grew up. Passionate about bringing organic food to his neighborhood, his story is one of Chicago southside pride. A story about continuing a legacy his father started nearly 50 years ago with the opening of Bridgeport's first taqueria. We believe there is opportunity to drive meaningful change in our workplaces by focusing on the good. Portrait of a Restauranteur is a short in what we hope to become a collection of love letters to work called Huamns@Work. We hope this will provide insights into the conditions of what makes work meaningful through the lens of workers across the country and drive awareness and change in workplace culture, diversity & inclusion, and human resource practices.