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Collected Voices Film Fest, is in its 2nd season in Chicago Il. with more than 40 never before screened films, in more than 9 locations around the city for 2016. Started in 2015 with a grant from Chicago Artists Month, Collected Voices is Chicago's first and only Ethnographic film fest, blends together fiction and documentary media from diverse Chicago filmmakers in academia and art.


Dates & Deadlines

  • May 10, 2016

    Call for Entries


You Too?

Director: Rob Adler

inspired by an OpEd by Alexandra Petri, You Too? explores how the words we use affect the way we relate.
A homeless mother is trapped in an ongoing cycle of street life and poverty but amidst her violent surroundings, she soon discovers that she must make a change to better her son’s future.
Chicago artist Brandon Breaux, best known for his series of Chance the Rapper album covers, chronicles his mission to change the negative perception of South Side Chicago through his art, as the deadline for his first exhibition in Singapore looms.


avery r young & de deacon board entry for tiny desk competition 2018. Did not make make the contest, but the film showcases the style of #sousefunk bridging gospel, funk and personal narrative to present blk culture and experience
Tylar, a young woman, is overwhelmed while dining as almost no one she encounters cares to say nor spell her name correctly. With her girlfriend aiding her side, she must wade through the confusion to make ends meet, receive the meal she ordered, and retain her sanity.
An official selection of over a dozen film festivals. Hill Climb offers a candid look into the nearly 100 year tradition of the Mt. Garfield All Pro Motorcycle Hillclimb. The film is a snapshot of the riders, their bikes, and the enthusiasts that camp out on the shores of Lake Michigan for this exciting historic event. A short documentary by the directors of Vannin' - Andrew Morgan and Nick Nummerdor
Get a first hand view into the Lifting As They Climbed: Mapping a History of Black Women on Chicago's South Side. The video features participants taking a guided tour, visiting locations, and sharing their experiences!


Mother’s Fears” is a participatory documentary that interviews three diverse women with male children of color living in America. All these women come from different social, economic backgrounds. They all share one common fears of safety for their male children. Each story will display a different angle of fears and struggle of seeing her son engaging in today’s society being born into a specific race of color. These selected mothers have agreed to honest and direct regarding the fearful situations that their son will face at one point in time.


An emotionally damaged man decides to complete one last item on his list before he leaves.
A guy Likes a girl but doesn't know how to approach her
Film centers on a medical doctor who wants to fulfill her childhood dream of dancing.
Variations is a portrait of three artists set apart by their own definition of ability. Dancer Kris Lenzo, musician Chris Foreman, and artist Riva Lehrer reveal the process behind their art as they talk about the influence of their lives on their practice. The film seeks to convey varied human experiences and promote the belief that disability is a natural part of human diversity and takes pride in its heritage and culture.
Grief-stricken and lost after the death of his wife, Tom has decided to commit suicide. His last hope is a no-nonsense counselor with some unorthodox advice. His challenge to Tom: Give yourself one day to think of a way to make a positive impact on someone else. While contemplating his decision, Tom meets a young homeless man who may be the key to his challenge. Will Tom find his way, or remain lost forever?
In 2015, twelve Bronzeville community members waged a hunger strike that lasted over a month. It culminated a four year struggle to keep the last neighborhood high school open in Bronzeville. This short, fast video shows what happened.