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Shereen Williams is a new breakout filmmaker/documentarian that produces highly evocative and inspired work with strong experimental concepts. Armed with an MA in Media X Arts from Temple Universit...


Shereen Williams is a new breakout filmmaker/documentarian that produces highly evocative and inspired work with strong experimental concepts. Armed with an MA in Media X Arts from Temple University and an MA in New Media Journalism from Full Sail, she brings both innovation and a strong understanding of the nuances of new media production. In both the art installation "The Art of Escaping the Plantation", and her documentary "Mother's Fears", Shereen utilizes highly performative, avant-garde and unconventional methods to explore contemporary and historical social issues. Her work promotes a strong emotional connection with audiences, while simultaneously boldly addressing complex topics. An established blogger, new media personality, and burgeoning producer, Shereen created and has over 10,000 followers


Drexel Online student in TV Management creates award-winning documentary Wednesday, May 16, 2018 In today's age of civic engagement, there are seemingly endless ways to raise your voice. Some write letters to their congressional representatives or March during protests. For Shereen Williams, an online student in the MS in Television Management program, the most natural way for her to get involved was to play to her strengths. So, she made a documentary. And now, she's winning awards for it. Called "Mother's Fears," the 15-minute documentary brings together American mothers of different ethnicities and religions to talk about one of their greatest fears: trying to raise their sons in a culture that can be disproportionally violent towards people of color. Williams features her own young son in the video and highlights the struggles of three additional families including a white couple raising an adopted black son, a Mexican-American family and an African-American Muslim family with a teenager with autism. Regardless of their differences, all of the mothers in the movie want the same thing: a world in which their children can grow up safe. For Williams, this was an intensely personal subject. As an African-American woman and the mother of a young son, she watched coverage of high-profile killings of young African-American men with dread. The idea for the film came after she was pulled over by police while driving with her then nine-year-old son. Though Williams was quick to point out that she doesn't believe all police officers are a part of the society-wide problem, the incident still left her shaken. The encounter did not lead to any physical aggression, but Williams said she thought, "When he gets my age, will he survive this? When he gets to a driving age, will he survive these types of stops by law enforcement?" From that encounter came "Mother's Fears." "I wanted to let people know that we're mothers and we fear for our sons. We fear for what can happen," Williams said, "and not that I can solve the problem, but I can bring awareness to how we're feeling at this moment and give us a voice to what is going on in America." Though she has degrees in media arts and journalism, this was the first documentary Williams ever made. Not that you would be able to tell, given the film's reception. She's screened it to audiences in the United States and South Africa and won an honorable mention from the Los Angeles Film Awards. The film was also a finalist at the Yonkers Film Festival, the Cape Town International Film Festival, and the African World Documentary Film Festival. Despite the positive feedback, it can still be scary for Williams to share her work. "I get butterflies every time," said Williams. "My son's face is the first image that comes on the screen, so I'm just like, 'Oh my God, what is everybody going to think?'...It's like you're getting surgery in front of everybody." Williams is currently working on developing a television show called "Sisters from Gold," which will be based in South Africa. LOCAL FILMMAKER RELEASES NEW POWERFUL AND COMPELLING DOCUMENTARY “MOTHER’S FEARS” Shereen Williams, a mother of two, crafts the stories of mothers everywhere who fear for their children in a world where they are viewed as a threat. Los Angeles, CA, June 27, 2017–Mother’s Fears, a film by director and producer Shereen Williams, was selected as an honorable mention in the Experimental Film category at the Los Angeles Film Awards for May 2017. The film will screen to a private audience in Los Angeles June 15th, at Raleigh Studios and Sunday, July 23rd at 12:00 PM at the Oakwood North Clubhouse, Malibu Conference Room, located at 2600 Barham Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90068. Mother’s Fears is a fifteen-minute participatory documentary that includes the interviews of three diverse women with male children of color living in America. All of these women come from different social and economic backgrounds. However, they all share common fears of safety for each of their sons. These selected mothers have agreed to be transparent with their feelings and situations regarding their fears of raising their sons in the United States. The Los Angeles Film Awards is an official event of IMDb. Each month a jury will select winners for each category through private screenings. To find more information on The LA Film Awards you can visit Social networking plays a major role in her success in developing campaigns to jumpstart media projects. As a new break out filmmaker/documentarian, Williams has developed creative concepts that address social issues through levels of social media platforms such as twitter, facebook, Instagram and through her blog. In addition, she is a creative media professional well versed in developing multimedia digital content. Shereen covers local and national events and creates content that can be posted within seconds through the waves of social media online platforms. While a personality for Laptv Comcast, she is completing the M.A. Media Arts Program at Temple University and M.A. in television in Television Management at Drexel University. ###


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