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Shepherd's Gate

2019 Film 15 Min 26 Sec

Based on a true story. When a corporate executive, Monika, is threatened by her estranged friend and protégé with a resignation, she’s forced to confront a mysterious past. Across town, a social worker at a women’s shelter struggles to make the right decisions for a young girl under his supervision. What is the connection between the two stories?

Director: Billy Higgins
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A lovely, modern, and moving way to bring awareness to the need for women and family shelters all over the country and the need to support them, both financially and by volunteering. Alisha played the part of the unaware, uptight employee very well, and I really enjoyed the ending. Kudos to GreenDay for the theme song! I did have to keep adjusting my sound though, I am not sure if it is the film or my hearing, but when it cut to the shelter scenes and Derek was speaking I could not hear him at all and had to crank it up-weird...Thanks !

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Billy Higgins
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exceutive career womens shelter drama

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