Tripping Point

2021 Film 3 Min 44 Sec

Thumb tempimagekndwja Matteo Veglia

Made as part of the 19th Annual 48 Hour Film Contest here in Aotearoa New Zealand. ---- Created entirely in 48 hours, script to screen - Tripping Point is a short film made by a small 6 person core team over 2 days, nominated for best editing and coming finalist in the festival of 15 films amongst 120+ others. ---- We were given a genre and some required elements to include in the film at 7pm on the 5th March 2021 and set free to make whatever we could. Working within the limitations of time we had a basic but solid script done by midnight that night and started shooting the next day whilst simultaneously editing all to hit the deadline speeding towards us. ---- Tripping Point was a joy, a passion, a learning tool and a wonderful experience to make; we hope you like it too. ---- Credits: Matteo Veglia - Director/Producer/Writer Elizabeth Ireland - 1st AD/Producer Mary O'Brien Argue - 1st AD/Producer Rachel Lydia Barker - Editor/'Amy'/Writer Emanuel Psathas - 'Josh'/Writer David Argue - Director of Photography Charlotte Kerr - 'Sophie'