Forward Fast

2015 Film 9 Min 16 Sec

Thumb old god worshipper 15 small resized Celinka Serre

Binky Productions presents FORWARD FAST. The full film. A light comedy about Autism. A young man living at normal speed, in a world where everything and everyone around him is in fast forward, just wants to be accepted for who he is, in this fun reflective short film about Autism. An original independent light-comedy film, inspired by Director Celinka Serre’s Asperger brother. Written & Directed by: Celinka Serre. Starring: Danny MAlin, Otto Szabo, Annabella Hart. Featuring Corey Tomicic. Associate Producer: Oddity Labs Sponsored by: Tootelo Innovations Inc., TacticalFM. Audio Post-Production: TimeLine Audio with Joe Barrucco https//