2020 Film 2 Min 4 Sec

Thumb souvikphilums sign dailymotion Souvik Chakraborty

Dialog presents an intriguing communication through the soul of the streets and the tireless workforce of the city of Mumbai. The musical short film infuses organic sounds of the street into poignant melodies to tell a story in the form of lore. The hawkers and the other workers all thrive on these streets, despite the onslaught of the uncertainties that their businesses entail. In some cases, people would contest in a debate discussing on whether they should be allowed on the footpaths meant for the pedestrians. Dialog finds its place within the zeitgeist and the souls of these worker's life who persist through the days almost like the infinite, and kaleidoscopic limbo that this film takes you on. It is in essence tries to be like its music: "Raw" sans instruments! The soundtrack of this film has been made from the organic sounds emanating from the various tools of the workers. The lyrics of the track is made of the very hawking sounds of these sellers of the streets. As Plato would summarize: "Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul"