Two-stroked: A Love Story

2015 Film 7 Min 22 Sec

Avatar default Jacqui Carriere

Two-stroked: A Love Story is a short documentary that looks to capture the romantic nature of moped subculture, focusing specifically on a ragtag group of friends apart of the moped community in Boston and the special relationships they share with their not-so-trusty steeds. The film aims to shed light on the sometimes quirky, most times unconventional love/hate relationship between the moped and its rider. Two-stroked: A Love Story explores the meaning of that special feeling as love: the love of antiquated franken-vehicles, the love of basic motor mechanics and wrenching with friends, the love of the grit and grime that accompanies said wrenching, the love of long rides with nowhere to go, and the love of the pure freedom one gets with a tank of gas and a 50cc engine.