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Ceramic Tango

2013 Film 10 Min 20 Sec

SYNOPSIS: A stealthy killer waylays and torments a young alternative man who has hit emotional rock bottom.CERAMIC TANGO is a modern-day cautionary tale that incites viewers to pause and think about the fragility of life. Website: Writer: Charles Hall Director/Editor: Patricia Chica Producers: Patricia Chica, Richard Duquette in association with Florence Touliatos Actors: Holy Scar, Richard Cardinal, Jennifer May Walker VFX: Dominik Paré Music: Justin Lassen DOP: Martin Bouchard Production Design: Patrick de Clerville Props: Kheira Oi Sound Design: Cedric Conti, Patricia Chica Sound Mix: Michel Gauvin, Giulio Wehrli (Studio Midi-Sonnant) Graphics: Manish Ramloll-Duchaine Presently available for bookings and sales. CONTACT: Patricia Chica FLIRT FILMS

Director: Patricia Chica
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