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The Clip

2016 Film 6 Min 46 Sec

Alva is a teenage girl who one evening receives a link, a live stream showing her own room. She realizes that she's being watched but by who and how long has it been going on? Soon the room itself seems to come alive and she is trapped. Looking for answers she finds that the clip doesn't only show the present but also the future, it tells of her coming death. Suddenly she finds herself in a race against the clock to find a way to escape the apartment and whatever else lurks within

Director: Maria Forslin
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Excellent & creepy short. Almost like a teaser trailer for a longer feature. Is Alva being targeted by something supernatural? If so, has she done something to come to its attention? If not, is Alva suffering from blackouts & doing this to herself? Alva is great (as is the actress playing her), more puzzled than panicked. I'd like to see more of her working to get answers to these questions.
love it :-)
YIHAAA! creeepy!
very goog movie , creepy
Awesome movie, creepy!

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Maria Forslin
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Maria Forslin The Clip Film

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