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The Self-Test Story

2018 Film 31 Min 6 Sec

The Self-Test Story is a slice of the routine life of actors in Mumbai, the center of Indian Film Industry, Bollywood - The City of Dreams. Most of the actors who have made a mark in the industry are busy shooting, and who have not, are busy discussing others and fighting over it. One day Anubhav calls his friend Mukund to help him to record an audition. While Anubhav tries really hard to get a good recording done, he struggles in impressing his actor friend who can only find flaws in Anubhav's act. In an attempt to get a good performance out of Anubhav, Mukund ends up making Anubhav believe that he is not good enough. Even Anubhav ends up making Mukund realize that he has poor taste. This whole event turns out to be a Self-Test for both in terms of their own very different personalities and ideologies.

Director: Raam Sharma
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Raam Sharma
drama comedy
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Indie Film Bollywood Realistic Actor's Life Arthouse