A Weeping in the Woods

2019 Film 6 Min 55 Sec

Thumb filmfestheadshot Cailin Tamplin

Synopsis: A distraught gas station attendant checks-in to a filthy motel and begins to hear whispers coming from behind the curtain. Directors Note: A Weeping in the Woods is essentially a character piece, with the backdrop of classic atmospheric horror. It all started as a short story I'd written fresh out of college. I was confident in the story and wanted to produce it as a short film. This short film is intended to lead audiences into asking more questions than give answers. You follow Warren, the main character for the entire film, because the story is his experience. If his perspective warps or he is fed lies, the audience will be just as convinced as Warren is that everything is not as it seems. I have greatly expounded on the short story and have a feature length script in hopes of producing a feature.