The controversy over this film has earned it far more attention than it deserves. What it ultimately boils down to is the writer/director's questionable level of taste. The fact that rape is used as a repeated means of twisting the story borders on the perverse--yes, there is a 'message' delivered here, but, assuming that we are all functional adults in society, don't we inherently understand this message? What is really taken away? As several have said in her defense, this is the director's first film...good, then the criticism that she is receiving is both valid and an important part of her growth as a filmmaker.
Questo film non parla alla vera capacità degli italiani come i forebearers di cinema né donne registi. Si tratta semplicemente di una triste accusa di una cultura che il regista / scrittore non sembra capire . Un punto di vista feminst si perde qui, come è molto altro. -E. Passannanti / Oxford University
Marketing - A+ (if it is name recognition you desire) Marketing - F (if it is a good reputation or people to hire you) Art? Cinema? I refer you to the review by the Professor at Oxford who wrote in Italian, quite eloquently an on point.
I like this movie and I've also shared it on facebook. Many views and many reviews (doesn't matter if are good or bad reviews) show that the director/writer created a good short (this is marketing). And, if it's true is her first movie and she already has people talking about it, probably we'll continue to hear about her.
I watch this movie, and I think as a first time director she did such a great job. I'm sure it was such a good experience to make something even better.