Art Director/Production Designer - Erica Elizondo.
Dreadful. Another review asks “why” did it get so many views? I think the real question is, “HOW” did it get so many views? It cannot be easy to get so many people to watch this, most of them at the same time, day after day after day.
Questo film non parla alla vera capacità degli italiani come i forebearers di cinema né donne registi. Si tratta semplicemente di una triste accusa di una cultura che il regista / scrittore non sembra capire . Un punto di vista feminst si perde qui, come è molto altro. -E. Passannanti / Oxford University
This is an unbelievably misogynist film. Sure, the theme is important. but the end (and I wont ruin it for any of the thousand viewers) is horrifying, especially seeing as the writer/director is female. The art direction is very good. However the acting, writing, and direction is sub-par, I'm shocked that it is in this festival. It feels like a bad Rape-PSA.
Nice short. The theme is very actual and important: we should be talking about it as much as possible. Thank you for bringing it to the fore. I'd also appreciated the main actors. Good job!