2019 Video 13 Min 35 Sec

Avatar default Sarah Stunt

Gus and Violet are nothing alike - he, the forever man-child and she, the rich girl pretending to keep it real. At one point in their relationship, they actually made things work; they were the perfect ying to each other’s yang, until the jokes stopped being funny, their carefree attitudes started to take on the weight of responsibility, and the differences that once brought them together ultimately pulled them apart. As they road trip to Violet’s brother’s wedding - a sure to be over the top waspy event - Gus and Violet begin see things for what they are: OVER. Confined to Gus’ beat-up minivan with nothing but lush California foliage to fill the silence, the road ahead comes to a a sudden dead-end. It didn’t have to come to this - they’d been down this route before - but ignoring the signs and forging on only makes things worse. What should have been an awesome getaway and chance to reconnect becomes their long overdue demise.