FirstGlance Fall 2014 Online Short Film Contest

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FAILURE GROUPIES is a comedy following a group of suburban post 9-11 tweens who fail a group project and set up a spy mission to get their temperamental teacher fired.

Juice It

Director: Christina Raia

A young couple attempt a 7 day juice cleanse but quickly realize it's much more difficult than they anticipated as they pass the first 24 hours. They desperately try not to eat by supporting and antagonizing each other.

The Pradys

Director: Jessica Hendrickson

When a young man finally admits to dropping out of law school, his parents' reaction is not what he expected.

Life Line

Director: Brian Larson

short animated exploration of line, mark making, movement and the creation of art. a line created by a line creating a line.


Director: Mav Block

Slice-of-life of an FBI snitch turned crime lord's girlfriend as the two embark on a new heist, testing their relationship.


Director: Christopher Hawthorne

After missing his daughter's 12th birthday, Henry embarks on a huge night drinking. The next morning, hungover, he wakes up in Prospect Park -- ten years in the future. With the help of his friend Mike (now with a wife and kid) he has to find a way back to the 2003 and to his daughter's birthday party, whatever it takes. Written & Directed by Christopher Hawthorne, starring Jay Klaitz.

An Actor Unprepared (Pilot)

Director: Gianmarco Soresi

The pilot of An Actor Unprepared! An Actor Under the Bus


Director: Garrett Kennell and David Light

Dot, directed by Garrett Kennell and David Light, is a dark comedy about a 16-year old girl with a severe case OCD. So severe that she must compulsively kill anyone she sees making a mess. Dot isolates herself from the world, fearing that she’ll be forced to kill anyone who comes close. When Theo enters her life, the struggle intensifies.

Good Cop Good Cop

Director: Harold Limpert

McGurskey is a cop. Ladywolf is a heartbreaking witch. That's all you need to know.


Director: Sierra Fein

Inspired by duct tape, Archer, pursues his dream girl, Amanda. With a surprising twist, they become 'stuck' together in love!


Director: Rob Fortunato

When Jessica discovers her guitar has been stolen, she embarks on a journey to recover her most personal possession. In the process, she encounters a cast of characters that help her find her way.

Rêvalités (dreamalities)

Director: Damien STECK

• “Rêvalités” (“Dreamalities”) is a collaborative short film created by a director and film-maker, Damien Steck, and a photographer, Julie de Waroquier. Imagined by Damien, the film is a video adaptation of Julie’s photography book. About 15 photographs are thus recreated, and enriched by Damien’s vision. In the end, the short film invites us to explore a world oscillating between dream and reality, offers a path between two worlds and depicts a dream under reality’s surface.


Director: Jared Crowelle

Bro is the story of two brothers, one struggling to fix his life, the other drifting dangerously through it.

Gli Zii (The Uncles)

Director: Andy Price

Two dysfunctional Italian brothers have their lives transformed when their baby niece is abandoned on their doorstep. They're given only one instruction by their disgraced sister - preserve the girl's innocence. Seventeen years later the Uncles go to extremes to do just that.