FirstGlance 2018 Spring Online Film Festival Contest

The FirstGlance Short Online Contest is open to worldwide viewers who can access platform and watch films online on your PC, laptop, or mobile devices. Registered users can login at any time to watch all films registered as part of the contest. Enjoy your stay and thank you for supporting indie film! Winner receives prizes valued at over $2,000 and a premiere at FirstGlance Film Fest Philadelphia (Fall 2018) For any questions and issues drop us a line at

The contest has ended.


Director: Russell Emanuel

What happens when a seemingly ordinary priest is confronted by a seemingly ordinary man? While reading the Bible on a particularly windy day, Father Harris is confronted by a tall stranger, one who makes him question his beliefs and motivations. And all in a quest for the truth, however horrifying. Not even a helpful woman can save this priest, who must make a choice. For not all sins can be forgiven.


Director: Silke Engler

Jo is working as a trainer at the Fitness Company MIND YOUR BODY. His consciousness is slipping into the body of a customer and he is doing their sportsprogram for hem. During this session Jo is not allowed to make any contact to the customer’s environment. Otherwise the exchange of consciousness could be disturbed.


Director: Patrick Miller

Demonstrating a new impressionistic approach to drama/sports films, Vantage combines visual storytelling with expressive winter-sports cinematography. The film contains no dialogue, and is propelled forward solely by the actors, music, and imagery.


Director: Carroll Brown

“A scientist trapped by herself on an outpost near Jupiter after the death of her companion begins to imagine, or realize, that she is not alone after all.

Neosho Falls

Director: Eric Hyde

A proof of concept pilot episode for the Neosho Falls web series. Starring George Dean, Angela Nordeng (Vicious), Kelly Perine (The Drew Carey Show, Knight Squad), Mike Anderson, Zak Bucia (Bellator MMA). Mysterious agents gather in Neosho Falls. Their target, an estranged man, Bibeo Duchamp (George Dean). He knows what's about to happen.

Deadline (The Magician)

Director: Andi Wenzel

The great magician Enero is on the search for his beloved assistant who mysteriously disappeared during a magic show many years ago. - a fantastic story about hope, lost time and what really counts in life.

Ice Dwellers

Director: Barbara Klutinis

The quietude of Antarctica is often interrupted by the peeps, gakkers, and chatters of thousands of penguins, and the snorts and belches of harbor seals. It is a rather comical array of creatures that compete for a habitat that is marked by diminishing sea ice. Visits to the opposite arctic habitats of Iceland reveal more of the same, as chunks of ice from receding glaciers dot the coastline of Jokulsarlon Bay on the Southeast Coast of Iceland. In the meantime, remote vacationers soak up warming minerals in the Iceland’s geothermal spa, the Blue Lagoon. While the film is playful in nature, a soulful cello echoes the gloomy subtext of global warming.

The Bracket Theory

Director: Katia Koziara

Lucy has found an objective formula for love, but when NYC puts her Bracket Theory to the test Lucy discovers new variables she never saw coming.


Director: Josh Sathre

A THC-fueled joyride into the revenge-filled world of catering, E-List Hollywood, and puppy ransom.