FirstGlance 2018 Fall Online Film Festival Contest

The FirstGlance Short Online Contest is open to worldwide viewers who can access platform and watch films online on your PC, laptop, or mobile devices. Registered users can login at any time to watch all films registered as part of the contest. Enjoy your stay and thank you for supporting indie film! Winner receives prizes valued at over $2,000 and a premiere at FirstGlance Film Fest Los Angeles 19 March 2019 at Laemmle NoHo 7. For any questions and issues drop us a line at

The contest has ended.

Broken Sidewalk

Director: Aaron McPherson

Pepper has given up her acting dreams and returned to her hometown, now working as a full-time waitress in a rundown diner. Showing up for her New Year's Eve shift, Pepper deals with an unwanted proposal, a group of shiftless misfit coworkers more concerned with bathroom bong breaks and an unraveling backroom love triangle, and an ex who shows up with a long lost surprise. When the diner is robbed, the heist goes awry. Two people are shot, more than one mystery is solved, and Pepper is left to clean up the mess.

The Film Festival

Director: Brian Kennington

Two desperate Canadian filmmakers finally get their movie accepted at film festival in Austria.

Without a Mirror

Director: Eric Mann

Elizabeth Whitaker began taking ballet in 2016 as a way to improve her performances as a musician. Blind since birth, she often found herself frustrated by the visual aspects of stage presence, and saw dance as a way to improve both spatial awareness and kinesthetic memory. Her teacher, Lauren McCarty Horak, teaches her how to dance ballet. Through this journey, “Without a Mirror” explores the power of dance, and how our own limitations can either hold us back or set us free.

In My Eyes

Director: Tim Doran

“In My Eyes” is an inspiring story about a kid with Cerebral Palsy going to college. However, the anxiety that he brings along with him is weighting him down.


Director: Nassos Zotis

After five years of searching for the identity of a serial killer who is obsessed with chess, a Detective receives an invitation for a chess game, from the killer. At that point he has to choose his next move very carefully, while he fights the demons of his past.

If Only You Were Free

Director: Gregory Cusumano

An overly empathetic surgeon strains under the pressure of his career and marriage. One night he meets his adorable new neighbor. Can she be the answer or will he become imprisoned to the very thing he thought would set him free.

The Sister

Director: Leigha Monier-Williams

Sometimes we can't explain, why we do the things we do. When a missing scientist, misled girlfriend, sketchy real estate agent and friend from the past cross paths. Watch the mystery unravel. "THE SISTER"

I Was a Dragon

Director: Cristián Macouzet

Carlos is a boy who has a great talent for playing chess, but he does not know how to handle the pressure. This causes him to move away from the game. Twenty years later, Carlos is reunited with his former teacher, who convinces him to return to compete in a tournament. Carlos will learn about the true passion for the sport and what it entails.

The Assassin's Apprentice

Director: Russell Emanuel

A coming of age story about Kaylee (Tarah Paige), an apprentice assassin, and her relationship with Pete (Robert Picardo), her trainer, and Miranda (Marina Sirtis), their handler. Kaylee, like a rebellious teenager, simultaneously wants approval and independence from Pete and Miranda. When assigned her first solo hit, Kaylee immediately disobeys orders and goes off course, chasing a Freerunner drone, often with hilarious results. In the end, Kaylee accomplishes her mission, but realizes that she is not yet ready to go it alone.

We're Alike

Director: Darren Kwan

Kenneth and Doris' normal peaceful life unravels when Kenneth discovers haunting secrets in his house one day. As he digs deeper, his suspicion grows and he begins to suspect Doris is the link.


Director: Mauro Fernandez

A short film about people, relationships and the mysterious ways that life takes unexpected ways. Courses that we might be able to change sometimes if we face them.


Director: Brandon Scharping

Two Syrian brothers struggle with life as refugees in an America divided by terrorism.

Dead Layer

Director: Carter Winter

A graffiti artist tries to go straight but gets caught up in a terrible crime.

Over and Out

Director: Jeffrey Thompson

Two women bond after the shared experience of having their first babies. They experience joy and jokes over how nuts it is that you push a baby out of your body and then they just are alive. But when one woman reveals her birth had complications, she's able to find support in the arms of a complete stranger because sometimes, they're the only ones who understand.