FirstGlance 2020 Short Online Film Festival Contest

The FirstGlance Short Online Contest is open to worldwide viewers who can access platform and watch films online on your PC, laptop, or mobile devices. Registered users can login at any time to watch all films registered as part of the contest. Enjoy your stay and thank you for supporting indie film! Winner receives prizes valued at over $2,000 and a premiere at FirstGlance Film Fest Los Angeles March 2021. For any questions and issues drop us a line at

The contest has ended.

Shepherd's Gate

Director: Billy Higgins

Have you ever demanded a raise and gotten an answer that MYSTIFIED you? Beth has. Find out what she discovers that puts all her career woes into perspective. Meanwhile, across town, a social worker at a women’s shelter struggles to make the right decisions for a young girl under his supervision. What is the connection between the two stories? The answer lies at Shepherd's Gate...


Director: Kenny Foo

Coming home one night, Mick is stalked by something sinister.

Cannon Girl

Director: Pandora Heathcoe

This documentary is based on the life of a young woman, describing her amazing experiences and profession in the circus world. Also her astonishing yet death defying life as the last human cannonball for Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey Circus.

Six Day Back

Director: Scott Cierski

Three bodybuilders sing about a revolutionary new workout regimen.

Laundrette Blues

Director: Kieran Angelini

In one day, a husband and wife lose their home and business of twenty years. And then things really go wrong.

Donna On The Go: GARAGE Directed by Craig Hutchison

Director: Peggy Lane

Donna On The Go is a webseries designed to raise awareness for People With Disabilities. It Stars Donna Russo as Donna Reed as a disabled woman in an able bodied world. Created and Produced by Peggy Lane


Director: Charles Malone

A game of wits where a person trades something of supreme moral or spiritual importance, such as personal values or the soul, for some worldly or material benefit, such as knowledge, power, or riches.

New Rose

Director: Robert Sherman

Mayra, a rebellious teenager, hopes to drive away her estranged mother when she comes to dinner for a rare visit, but in her attempts to do so, Mayra starts to discover what she has been missing by rejecting the relationship. _____________________________________________________ STARRING: Satchel Bell as Mayra Brandon Patterson as Ed Journey Blue Heaven as Carol Music Used: "Canada" by Top Nachos "Womb" by Jack Madson Written, Directed, and Produced by Robert Sherman and Aaron Brenner

I'm on Fire

Director: Rose Trimboli

I’m on Fire is a student short experimental-narrative film about the paradigm shift between how romance is presented in movies versus what happens in real life. This film follows Jodie, a young woman with a skewed view of relationships due to the heavy influence of romance movies in her life. The film examines Jodie’s journey through the five archetypes of men.


Director: Guy Wilson

When tragedy hits his family, a young father loses touch with his wife and reality. A taboo subject from an unexpected perspective.

That's Gotta Hurt

Director: Richard Yan

Two friends discover a magical (but painful) power that they use to explore New York City to its fullest - at each other's expense. Credits: Directed by Richard Yan Produced by Matthew Gin Starring Richard Yan + Matthew Gin Featuring Siqi (Angela) Deng Story by Matthew Gin + Richard Yan Shot by Toby Weissman Sound by Nathan Karila Edited by Richard Yan + Matthew Gin Special thanks to Yudho Aditya + Jorge Granados Ross