Collected Voices Film Festival

Collected Voices centers around original ethnographic works that explore the intersection of race, age, class, gender, and sexuality within Chicago society. Explored through short and feature length films from Chicago based artists, these stories capture the voices of individuals and communities.  Currently screening in Chicago from August- October 2016. Purchase tickets at

Through the Trees

Director: Adedapo Akisanya

Votes: 96

Grief-stricken and lost after the death of his wife, Tom has decided to commit suicide. His last hope is a no-nonsense counselor with some unorthodox advice. His challenge to Tom: Give yourself one day to think of a way to make a positive impact on someone else. While contemplating his decision, Tom meets a young homeless man who may be the key to his challenge. Will Tom find his way, or remain lost forever?


Director: corey Hendrix

Votes: 13

A guy Likes a girl but doesn't know how to approach her


Director: Laurie Little

Votes: 4

Variations is a portrait of three artists set apart by their own definition of ability. Dancer Kris Lenzo, musician Chris Foreman, and artist Riva Lehrer reveal the process behind their art as they talk about the influence of their lives on their practice. The film seeks to convey varied human experiences and promote the belief that disability is a natural part of human diversity and takes pride in its heritage and culture.

34 Days: Hungry for Justice

Director: Rachel Dickson

Votes: 2

In 2015, twelve Bronzeville community members waged a hunger strike that lasted over a month. It culminated a four year struggle to keep the last neighborhood high school open in Bronzeville. This short, fast video shows what happened.

Nowhere to Be Found

Director: Rebecca Montalvo and Brian VandenBos

Votes: 1

When the father of her baby goes missing, a woman loses her job. Journeying around the city of Chicago, she searches for the father, striving to put her life back in order.

Before I Leave

Director: Darren Kwan

Votes: 0

An emotionally damaged man decides to complete one last item on his list before he leaves.

Red & Purple

Director: Adewole Abioye

Votes: 0

Film centers on a medical doctor who wants to fulfill her childhood dream of dancing.