First Glance Film Festival Contest Fall 2015

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Spark and Fade

Director: Brian Mellen

Spark and Fade is a story about high schooler Ian’s romantic pursuit of his childhood pal Fiona which leads to cataclysmic consequences with her drug dealer boyfriend Brad. The situation puts Ian at odds with Brad leading to perilous consequences. A web of drugs, lies, and irresponsibility puts Ian and Fiona's relationship to the test. Friendship runs deep.


Director: Derek Allison

James, a kindhearted and well to do young man, and Anya, a young woman, working to rebuild her life after overcoming addiction, fall into a promising romantic relationship. Her inability to trust anyone is outweighed by his persistence to love the very things that Anya does not see in herself. Unaware of the remorse that motivates her life, James tries desperately to bring her back from the edge. This was my final project for a narrative film production class at the University of Texas at Austin. Our task was to tell a three-act story with little to no dialogue, within a time specified by the professor.


Director: Sierra Parr

A young unstable man ends up stranded in purgatory where he meets five victims of suicide with a secret they cannot share.


Director: Chip Hackler

One week from retiring, security guard Hank Goodman stares at blank monitors, and a bleak future. Trapped in his little booth, Hank yearns for adventure -- and true love. He’s smitten with Donna, who parks in his lot each day, but so is the dastardly Rizzo. Will the cosmos conspire to help out poor Hank?

No Fare

Director: Daniel Masciari

With a moody, dramatic tone, No Fare unfolds on a bus late at night. Larry, the lonely bus driver, travels a familiar route with an eclectic group of regulars on board. But things change when Jennie, one of the regulars, goes beyond routine chit-chat to console Larry.

Man Servants

Director: Dan Reheuser

Two out of work Butlers discover a way to earn money, by taking their skills directly to the people.

Winter's Hold

Director: Ian Voglesong

A young farmer in self imposed isolation must come to grips with a personal tragedy or be consumed by it.

Growing Home

Director: Faisal Attrache

Samer, a displaced Syrian barber, has taken refuge along with his young family in the Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan. Despite filling his time with meaningful work, caring for his family and improving his living conditions, the daily distractions cannot diminish his desire to return home.

Brotherly Love

Director: Remy Wallace

When Tommy Kelly returns to his South Philadelphia neighborhood after 6 years in jail, things are not what they seem...

Two-stroked: A Love Story

Director: Jacqui Carriere

Two-stroked: A Love Story is a short documentary that looks to capture the romantic nature of moped subculture, focusing specifically on a ragtag group of friends apart of the moped community in Boston and the special relationships they share with their not-so-trusty steeds. The film aims to shed light on the sometimes quirky, most times unconventional love/hate relationship between the moped and its rider. Two-stroked: A Love Story explores the meaning of that special feeling as love: the love of antiquated franken-vehicles, the love of basic motor mechanics and wrenching with friends, the love of the grit and grime that accompanies said wrenching, the love of long rides with nowhere to go, and the love of the pure freedom one gets with a tank of gas and a 50cc engine. 

The Infinite Machine

Director: Kevin Spotts

In the future, an infinite, universal machine mind has taken root to bring order to humanity, placing everyone on Earth in efficiently run containment camps. Now a small band of freedom fighters must find a way to break the oppressive grip of our own creation.

Moto Borgotaro

Director: Roberto Serrini

Part documentary, part pulp action film, all love and pure passion: "Moto Borgatoro" follows curmudgeon/savant mechanic Peter Boggia and the birth of his custom 1979 Moto Guzzi Le Mans into creation. Mind you this film is not your normal bike build movie by design; no grinder sparks, no silhouette shots, no dramatic music. Been there seen that. This one is pure adrenaline, and hopefully tightens your pants like riding the bike would. The film has received praise from the limited amount of industry people given the opportunity to experience. Filmmaker and Moto-enthusist alike claim that it's got "Fellini roots with Tarantino fruits". We love praise that rhymes. Love bikes, hate bike, or know nothing about them, this film is juicy enough for anyone to quickly fall in love with Peter and his bad-ass machine.